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Thai Amulet
Ta Wei SuWat - Wat Su Tat blessing business and career
Thai Amulet
Luang Por Thuat helps with career advancement
Thai Amulet
Somdej can change your destiny of life.

Searching for Thai amulet

History of amulet recorded back in century of early civilization where it is said to gain good luck, fortune and protection for the person possessed it. These amulets are made in images of Guan Yin, LP Kasem, Phra Pidta, Somdej and being blessed by famous Thai Guru monks and given to worshippers for donation collection.

It is meant as a fund raising to build temples, schools, hospitals, etc. It helps to create a positive outlook of faith and belief in people. Some amulets are made to provide protection against black magic or spells as well as relationship, good health, avert disasters or accidents and improve careers or business. It is said the Phra Somdej Chitralada now worth more than 2 million baht.

Back in the days, Phra Khun Phaen amulets being used for enhancing love relationship, marriage and career advancement. Currently, the most famous Thai amulets being sought after are Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang, Phra Rod, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Phong Suphan and Phra Sum Kor.

How does one search for the 'right' amulet for specific purpose? Frankly, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' amulet for you. It is basically up to your feeling about the amulet itself when you see it. All Thai amulet can bless you for good health, fortune and wealth but in choosing the 'right' amulet will rather be how you feel when you see or hold it in your hand. It is believe that only when it is meant for you then you will possess it otherwise you will not own it at all. We do believe that it is always the 'right timing' when you are supposed to rent it and not before you are ready.

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The common question likely to ask will be like does amulet has mystical power? It is a 'YES' for believers that have faith and belief and a 'NO' for non-believers. For us as a collectors of Thai amulets, we sincerely believe its mystical power that helped us overcome obstacles and even near death accident for me when I was hit by a car that sent me flying up 10 feet in the air and landed on the road according to my friend who was with me witnessing it. To me, I believe the power of amulet had helped me to avert any injury that might had occurred with my accident. But I was checked by the hospital and found no injury at all. Sounded like a miracle to them.

Sometimes you may question about the truth behind the protection or blessing the amulet can provide. It is the faith and belief you have with your amulet that will give you the protection and blessing. There are quite alot of mystery in the world that cannot be explain scientifically but does not mean they do not exist. Like you may have heard of ghost or spirits moving around in haunted houses. To those who do not believe, it does not meant spirits or ghosts are non existence. We believe in God, Buddha and all other religions and their existence even though scientific does not have prove of its existence or not.

Bottom line is we believe Thai amulet can provide protection against witchcraft, black magic, improve relationship, good health, fortune, career and many more other things which cannot be explained. All you need is to respect your amulet and in return, you will receive its blessing. Hope you find your own fated amulet and be blessed in what you are search for in life.

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