Drive-in Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment

Drive-in Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment
Drive-in Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment Drive-in Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment Drive-in Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack from Mill Creek Entertainment (click images to enlarge)
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Manufacturer Description

Time to get the popcorn and lean back the recliner for 50 drive-in classics that will take you back to a golden era of over-acting and cheesy special effects. Find the best and worst of undiscovered Drive-in cinema featuring box office legends and complete unknowns.


Absolution (1978) Color Richard Burton
Beast from Haunted Cave (1959) Black and White Michael Forrest
Black Hooker (1974) Color Sandra Alexander
Blood Mania (1970) Color Alex Rocco
Breakout from Oppression (1978) Color Lona Chang
Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (1974) Color Christopher Lee
Country Blue (1973) Color Jack Conrad
Craze (1974) Color Jack Palance
Creeper (1977) Color Hal Holbrook
Day of the Panther (1988) Color Edward John Stazak
Don t Look in the Basement (1973) Color Rosie Holotik
Don t Open Till Christmas (1984) Color Edmund Purdom
Going Steady (1979) Color Yftach Katzur
Horror of the Zombies (1974) Color Jack Taylor
I Wonder Who s Killing Her Now? (1976) Color Bob Dishy
In Hot Pursuit (1977) Color Bob Watson
Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) Color William Smith
Jive Turkey (1974) Color Paul Harris
Katie s Passion (1975) Color Rutger Hauer
Legacy of Blood (1971) Color John Carradine
Legend of Big Foot (1976) Color Ivan Marx
Mad Dog (1977) Color Richard Harrison
Moon of the Wolf (1972) Color David Janssen
Nabonga (1944) Black and White Buster Crabbe
Night Train to Terror (1985) Color John Philip Law
Prime Time (1977) Color Warren Oates
Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1984) Color Richard Hatch
Rattlers (1976) Color Sam Chew
Savage Journey (1983) Color Richard Moll
Savage Weekend (1976) Color Christopher Allport
Shock (1946) Black and White Vincent Price
Single Room Furnished (1968) Color Jayne Mansfield
Slave of the Cannibal God (1978) Color Ursula Andress
Snowbeast (1977) Color Bo Svenson
Spare Parts (1979) Color Jutta Speidel
The Devil with Seven Faces (1971) Color Carroll Baker
The Devil s Hand (1962) Black and White Robert Alda
The Firing Line (1991) Color Shannon Tweed
The Guy from Harlem (1977) Color Loye Hawkins
The Island Monster (1954) Black and White Boris Karloff
The Lazarus Syndrome (1979) Color Louis Gossett Jr.
The Manipulator (1971) Color Mickey Rooney
The Murder Mansion (1972) Color Evelyn Stewart
Throw Out the Anchor (1974) Color Richard Egan
TNT Jackson (1974) Color Jeanne Bell
Trauma (1978) Color Fabio Testi
Treasure of Tayopa (1974) Color Rena Winters
Twister s Revenge (1987) Color David Alan Smith
Voodoo Black Exorcist (1973) Color Fernando Sancho
Women of Devil s Island (1962) Color Guy Madison

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