Tenchi Muyo Movie Collection Blu-raydvd Combo from Funimation

Tenchi Muyo Movie Collection Blu-raydvd Combo from Funimation
Tenchi Muyo Movie Collection Blu-raydvd Combo from Funimation (click images to enlarge)
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Manufacturer Description

In the beginning, there was Tenchi. Back when the only cure for an anime fix was a trip to the mall to load up on VHS tapes. Back when cable television first introduced this amazing new genre to American fans. The times may have changed since those good old days, but we're thrilled to be bringing Tenchi back in this exclusive three movie collection! A true classic never goes out of style, and Tenchi is the original anime harem comedy that started it all.Tenchi Muyo in Love: The terrifying space criminal Kain has escaped from his galactic prison, destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters, and singled out Earth as his next target! Can anything stop his reign of terror! Meanwhile, Tenchi has problems of his own! His house has suddenly vanished, his body is beginning to disappear, and his only hope for survival is a wild ride back to 1970! Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: When Tenchi vanishes into thin air, Ayeka and Ryoko track their man to a parallel version of Tokyo! The luckless lad has taken up with a mysterious beauty named Haruna, and he doesn't even recognize his lady friends from back home. Can Ayeka and Ryoko figure out what Haruna is up to in time to save dear sweet Tenchi!?The Daughter of Darkness: Tenchi gets the shock of a lifetime when a pretty young girl wanders out of nowhere and starts calling him "Daddy!" Ryoko and Ayeka are beyond jealous, and everyone wants to know who the mother could be. Little do they know, Yuzuha, the Demoness of Darkness, is on a mission of vengeance that could mean big trouble for Papa Tenchi!

The Limited Edition comes with a collectible art booklet.

The original OVA Tenchi Muyo! (1992) scored such a big hit on both sides of the Pacific, the characters were soon translated to the big screen. All three features have a darker tone than the OVA and broadcast series, although the characters remain true to their established personalities. Tenchi Muyo in Love (1996) pits the familiar gang against escaped criminal Kain. He hopes to strike the Masaki family because of their ties to the royal house of Jurai. Capable of moving through time and space, he plots to kill Tenchi's mother Achika before she marries his father. Scientific genius Wasshu transports Tenchi, Ayeka, Sasami, Ryoko, Mihoshi, and Kiyone back to 1970 to defend her. Tenchi's feelings for his mother, who died while he was an infant, give the final confrontation with Kain an unexpected poignance. The Daughter of Darkness (1997) opens on a peaceful summer afternoon at the Masaki home in Okayama; then a mysterious girl appears and calls Tenchi "Daddy." Mayuka was created by the demon Yuzuha, the embodiment of the Tree of Darkness. She fell in love with Yosho, Tenchi's grandfather, when he was a child on Jurai. After centuries of nursing her hatred, she plans to attack Yosho through Tenchi. To defeat her, Tenchi uses his Jurai powers, cleaving the demon in two with the Lighthawk Sword. In Tenchi Forever (sometimes called Tenchi in Love 2, 1999), the title character gets fed up with the endless bickering between Ayeka and Ryoko, goes for a walk in the hills--and vanishes. Haruna, a mysterious girl linked to an ancient camellia bush, has taken him to a parallel world, where he lives a seemingly normal life as a long-haired art student. But he's troubled by headaches and the images of Ryoko that turn up in his drawings. It's interesting to see a slightly older Tenchi, who has a more mature relationship with the eerily beautiful Haruna. But Tenchi fans will miss the endearing silliness that gives the main adventures much of their appeal. This reissued collection comes with a small art booklet. (Rated TV MA: brief nudity, cartoon violence, mild sexual situations) --Charles Solomon

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