We Without Wings: Season One (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) from Funimation

We Without Wings: Season One (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) from Funimation
We Without Wings: Season One (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo) from Funimation (click images to enlarge)
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Manufacturer Description

Timid Takashi wants to escape to an alternate world where he is a heralded knight, but is held back by thoughts of his younger sister and his girlfriend. Part-timer and all around upbeat guy Shuusuke has a disastrous first encounter with a woman who turns out to be his new co-worker. Handyman Hayato is a hard-boiled loner that has random encounters with two gangs and a girl with a uniform fetish. Throw in plenty of fan-service, random humor, an alternate medieval world, and your narrator DJ Condor, and you get “We Without Wings – Under the Innocent Sky”.

The Limited Edition sku comes in a collectible art box.

The fan service comedy We Without Wings (2011) is based on a visual novel that was derived from a popular series of games. There's a lot going on in the city of Yanagihara as Christmas approaches, and at the center of all the activity are good-natured high school senior Takashi Haneda, eager part-timer Shusuke Chitose, and grouchy handyman Hayato "Drac" Narita. Takashi confides that he's not really from this world: he's actually Hawk Cyan-Blue, the heroic knight of the alternate realm of Gretagard. He leads a quest for peace and justice there, and Shusuke and Hayato exist to protect him. But all three are basically props for the many female characters to fall all over in ways that expose their panties and/or display their cleavage. There are odd subplots and strange undercurrents, notably when Shusuke and Hayato assume Takashi's identity at school. But the rather disjointed story only exists to provide the girls opportunities to lose their tops, flip up their skirts, change clothes, and offer as many fan service jiggle shots as possible. After 11 rather wearying episodes, the filmmakers try to tie things up in a warm and fuzzy package that fails to reconcile the new and unexpected emotional tone with the nonstop raunchy imagery. The story ends with episode 12; "More Skin" is a bonus that sends the cast to an onsen (hot springs resort), where they strip and fondle each other. It's underwear fetishism carried to a degree even Happosai in Ranma 1/2 never envisioned. (Rated TV MA, but suitable for ages 17 and older: violence, violence against women, nudity, sexual situations, profanity, risqué and toilet humor, alcohol and tobacco use, ethnic stereotypes) --Charles Solomon

(1. For Example, That Kind of Fairytale, 2. The Animal I Like Is the Pegasus, 3. Kobato Is Cute, Huh? 4. Drac... I May Have Gotten Pregnant... 5. O, How Virtuous Is Our Honored Hawk! 6. Eek! No, I'll Make Noise! 7. Your King's Glorious Return! 8. No Big-Busted Cream Girl Yet?! 9. My Heart Is Heaving!! 10. Please, Always Be a Fan, Okay? 11. Are You Familiar with the Concept of Little Sister Moe? 12. We With(out) Wings... 00. 90 Percent of More Skin)

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